1. Rollin dirty in my 66 (at Spokane River Centennial Trail)

  2. #Filthy @hashtagfilthy

  3. I’ve been shooting so much these past 3 weeks I can’t wait to release everything. Here’s a preview from yesterday’s shoot with @ellenmagliulo

  4. Monday. #josephtylerphotography

  5. I’m different // @sarahlovrien

  6. Don’t let your tongue get your teeth knocked out.

  7. I’ve never claimed to be better then anyone or take over someone’s territory. I live to create beautiful images and surround myself around creative people. Simple as that. Take the money fuck the fame.

  8. Check out the full set and video of this bae (link in bio)

  9. So excited to release this video along with all the images. Filmed by @willstart Styling by @shopgypsumstyle Modeling by @gabrielle.solana (Full video link in my bio)

  10. Thursday with @besa.albania @spencerlopez @carteebs