1. Throw back to when I used to listen to Owl City / Only wear American Apparel / Talk to my camera a lot #tbt #2009

  2. Blood and Smoke

  3. Spokane / Seattle in a week.

  4. Inspiration Monday! I made glasses just like these the other day. Looking for a new face to rep these bad boys!

  5. This is a terrible edit but it expresses how I’ve been feeling lately. Being away from physical friends and family has been taking it’s toll. I’ve always been a social person physically and on the web. But more recently I’ve been looking at everything different. Social media has really been killing it for me. As much as I love knowing I have the ability to impact people I’ve never met online immediately it makes me think about who I impact in the physical world around me. We obsess over creating these online profiles looking for recognition and self worth when we are actually teaching ourselves how to be lonely. We can now add and delete people from our lives with out emotion. With that being said I’ve been learning how to be my own best friend! I think a lot of people need to remember we have to keep a good relationship with ourselves.

  6. Throw back to Seattle days.

  7. DAD? #bradpitt

  8. So this is my bed sheet.

  9. The two best things I ever did for my photography was purchase my 5D and getting rid of my watermark!

  10. Throw back. @xomissdanielle #tbt