1. So my Birthday is in a week and this is a photo I took on my birthday last year while hanging with my mom in Vegas. I’ve always said age is just a number till you can define what you did within those years. This was the moment I decided I was going to move to a place out side of my comfort zone and try and define my year of 22. Looking back on the year I’m honestly blown away at what I’ve accomplished like seriously I’ve done so much and met so many amazing people turning 23 is even more exciting because I’m so ready to define and see what my future will hold!

  2. So close to opening can’t wait!!! So much hard work from everyone!!! @allsaintsforum @allsaintslive #allsaintscaesars #allsaintslive (at AllSaints Forum Shops at Caesars)

  3. Throw Back Thursday @xomissdanielle #tbt

  4. One of those famous quotes from someone from the past.

  5. So it’s Sunday and this is a photograph I created not on a Sunday.

  6. Pool Season at @artripoli @jasminescrafty #vanyard #vegas

  7. Montana sunrise is unreal. (at Lima City MT Rest Area)

  8. Float On

  9. Summer Memories

  10. H2O